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Applying for BC Employment and Assistance (BCEA)

Service Update - Vernon Office

On November 30, 2015, the Vernon office will re-open at a new location at 2820 28 Street, Vernon BC. This office was destroyed by a fire in June 2015 and clients were served through the Vernon Service BC office in the interim.

All in-person services will be available at the new office address, including cheque stub and document drop-off, and cheque pick up.

There is no change to the ministry’s telephone service, which is available by calling 1 866 866-0800. In addition, clients can access a variety of ministry services online at, once registered.

Eligibility for BC Employment and Assistance programs is based on your income and assets. The ministry has a responsibility to ensure that its limited resources go to those people who need them most. That is why applicants are expected to take advantage of all other sources of income and assets before qualifying.

If you are interested in applying for BC Employment and Assistance (BCEA), this page provides important and useful information you will need to proceed including a Self Serve Assessment and Application – to help determine if you are eligible and what you might receive. To get started just click any of the following links:

Application Process and Tools

Self Serve Assessment and Application Tool

The Self Serve Assessment and Application tool is available in English only.

For Income Assistance information and services please call toll free 1 866 866-0800 or visit your local Employment and Income Assistance Office.

Veuilez noter que l’outil estimateur de demande d’aide au revenu n’est disponible qu’en anglais.

A fin d’obtenir plus de renseignements concernant le programme d’aide au revenu et les services offerts, veuillez composer sans frais le 1 866 866-0800, ou visiter le bureau de programme d’aide au revenu le plus près de chez vous.

La herramienta de autoservicio para evaluación y aplicación solo está disponible en el idioma inglés. Para obtener información sobre Asistencia Social y los servicios que se ofrecen por favor llame a los números que se indican a continuación, o visite la oficina de Empleo y Asistencia Social en su localidad.


阁下如对收入补助金有任何查询,请致电1 866 866-0800,或到当地收入补助金办公室查询.

Vasileh Arzyabi Khod Service va Forme Darkhast faghat beh zabane Engelisi mojoud ast.

Baraye ettelaate marbout beh Komak Daramad va khadamat, lotfan ba shomareh telefone 1 866 866-0800 rayganan tamas hasel farmaeed ya az edareh mahalli Estekhdam va Komak Daramad didan farmaeed.

Applying For Assistance Online? Have Your Say!

We have made a few changes to the Self Serve Assessment and Application tool (our online application) and want to know what our new applicants think. After you submit your application, a short survey will launch.

This survey will take about five minutes to complete. This optional survey is completely anonymous and is not linked to your application in any way. Thank you for helping us to improve our service.

We value your feedback!

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